Tree Root From Abandoned Home Next-Door Growing Into Woman’s Floor

BALTIMORE (WBFF) – The root of the problem is literally pushing up through the basement.

What’s happening to the house Shawnta Brown the one her 79- year-old mother owns and they have lived in for over 30 years, she says is painful to watch.

“It hurts it really do it hurt, I cry every night cause my mother’s got to live like this.

Brown showed us inside where a massive tree outside is buckling the floor below and creating cracks in the infrastructure.

It’s a big problem but far from the only one.

As you can see pictured to the left the tree is ruining not just her basement but it has also lifted the sidewalk and cracked it wide open.

“It’s dangerous but it’s also scary,” said Brown.

Their home is also sandwiched between two abandoned houses, the tree sits in front of one of them, both owners says Brown are dead.

“The city told me to pay for it,” she said.

The cracks in the floor in combination with derelict neighbors are now bringing creatures in the night, she says to terrorize her.

“Raccoons, possums, yeah they’re all here.”

“Scratching, they play in my ceiling over the top of my head, they jumping all up and down.”

Brown says she’s been begging the city, her city councilman to do something, to tear it down, fix the tree and gotten nothing.

The house sits in City Councilman John Bullock’s district, Fox 45 also reached out him multiple times and never heard back.

“He ain’t doing nothing!” said Brown

In fact, she says no one is listening.

“It makes me want to cry now because it’s sad.”

Shawnta Brown

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